Copyrights, Contracts, & Guidelines for Dinosaur Artists & Paleontologists

Contents Cover
Introduction by Peter Dodson, Vice President, The Dinosaur Society
Part 1 Copyrights What the Law Actually Says
Registration of Copyright: Keeping Your Protection
Defining Infringement and Fair Use
Works for Hire
Joint Works
Electronic Copyrights and Pitfalls in the Digital Domain
Making this a Profession; The Business of Art

Your Life’s Work; Contracts, Intellectual Property, and the Artist’s Estate
Part 2 Contracts The Importance of Contracts and Negotiation
Negotiation tools: the Telephone and Fax Machine
Copyright Acknowledgement Form
The Letter Contract
Parts of a Contract
Form of Agreement
Book Publishing Contracts for Artists and Paleontologists
What They Send You; What You Send Them
Television and Film Contracts
Paleoartists: Working in Film and Television
by William Stout
Gallery-artist agreement
Travelling show agreement
Sales of original work
Copyright sales
A bit of copyright weirdness
Lecture contract
Museum bid
Museum contract
Museum partial payment invoice
CD-rom, the net, and new technologies
Part 3 Pricing guidelines Working for free
Fear of pricing
Commissioned work, publisher
Commissioned work, collector
Commissioned work, museum exhibit
Lecture fees
Commissioned work, electronic media
Toys and games
Relicensing of images, publisher
Relicensing of images, electronic media
Relicensing of images, museum exhibit
Relicensing of images, foreign
(direct deposit of fees and taxes)
Part 4 Ethical guidelines Joint Ethics Committee Code of Fair Practice for Artists
VARA (Visual Artist’s Rights Act)
Appendix A Note about The Dinosaur Society in Support of Dinosaur Artists
Selected Bibliography
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