Walters and Kissinger The Complete Dinosaur Art Studio

The Artists: Robert F. Walters

Robert F. Walters knew he wanted to be a dinosaur artist when he was four years old. That was when he saw Rudolph Zallinger's great mural, "The Age of Reptiles" on the cover of LIFE magazine. He began drawing dinosaurs immediately, studied art at the Pennsylvania Acadmy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and has been a professional dinosaur life restoration artist for more than twenty years.

His artworks are on permanent display in museums across the country, notably the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, The Creative Discovery Museum, and The Academy of Natural Sciences. He did the first scientifically accurate life restorations of Giganotosaurus and Avaceratops. He has illustrated more than twenty dinosaur books and innumerable magazines, and also works on dinosaur television productions for PBS and the Discovery Channel.

He was the Art Editor for The Complete Dinosaur from Indiana University Press. He recently completed the illustrations for the book, Dino Finds for the National Geographic Society. He worked with scientists at the Smithsonian on the "Virtual Triceratops" project, the first scientific attempt to discover how Triceratops looked and moved by animating digital scans of the bones.

We invite you to have a look at some of Bob's work in our gallery and catch up with current projects.

Robert Walters

Robert Walters and Mural