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The Artists: Tess Kissinger

Tess Kissinger got her art training at Carnegie Mellon University and also has undertaken independent studies in biology and physics. She has been an artist and designer for twenty years with work on display in the Creative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga, the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and The Delaware Museum of Natural History, among others. She is an advocate of artist's rights and the author of originally published by The Dinosaur Society and available here on this website.

She is co-curator of two exhibits of dinosaur artwork; "Designing Dinosaurs" for the Bruce Museum, and "Drawn From The Earth" for Dinofest, as well as a new one on art and artifacts of the Space age called "Space 2001: To the Moon and Beyond" now showing at the Bruce Museum.

Tess' current projects include a series of fine art paintings including the skulls of ceratopsian dinosaurs as subject material. If you would like to see some of her work, check out our gallery. New stuff will be in our current projects page.

More About Tess Kissinger: Gallery and Current Projects

Tess Kissinger

Tess Kissinger at her G3