Walters and Kissinger The Complete Dinosaur Art Studio

The Artists: Paul Sorton

Paul Sorton is a mild-mannered toy prototyper by day, sculpting the originals of a lot of your favorites like G.I. Joe, Pokemon, and the Jurassic Park toys, but he works with us in the studio sculpting the things he loves the most - dinosaurs!

We've worked with Paul for more than twenty years and he brings a lot to the studio, especially his talent in so many sculptural media and incredible ability to work quickly and in great detail. Paul has his work in the permanent displays of a number of museums including The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia and The Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. He has also exhibited sculpture in many prestigious shows at museums like the Tyrrell Museum in Alberta, Canada, The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, and the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

Paul is working on some new things and you can see more of his work in our gallery and watch his progress in the projects section.

Paul Sorton