Walters and Kissinger The Complete Dinosaur Art Studio

The Artists: Bruce J. Mohn

Bruce J. Mohn trained as a scientist first, before concentrating on paleo life restoration sculpture. His degree is in paleontology and comparative anatomy, and he makes good use of that training in bringing a high degree of scientific information and accuracy to the artwork he produces.

He specializes in painstakingly reconstructed skeletal sculptures, measured carefully from the 2-dimensional preservation of such animals as Compsognathus and Archaeopteryx and sculpted and mounted bone-by-bone. His work has appeared in museums around the world - as far away as Thailand - and notably in Dinofest, The World's Fair of Dinosaurs, Philadelphia, PA, the Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris France, the Cranbrook Institute of Science, Michigan, the "Lost World" Exhibit - travelling show, and the Academy of Natural Sciences "Dinosaur Hall".

If you would like to see some of Bruce's work - visit our gallery, and check out his new stuff in projects.

Bruce Mohn

Bruce Mohn using dental tools